Fiat Karmann Davis (2021)

Specs: Euro 5, Size (HxWxL, in meters): 2.6x2.3x6.3, fuel consumption - 8/100 km.

A great choice for those who want to try the "camper" lifestyle, but are hesitant about the dimensions of a full-size camper. This camper is maneuverable in tight places (forest roads, city streets). The automatic gearbox with cruise control will turn the journey into a pleasant and untiring adventure. Due to its smaller dimensions, it is also a little more economical - on a quiet country road, it consumes about 7-8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

There are 4 official seats. There is one double bed which can be divided into two separate beds with a passage.he camper has a toilet, a shower, a kitchen with a sink, gas stove, refrigerator and tableware. The 60-liter water and sewage tanks are enough for several days of travel.
Diesel-heated interior for a cooler climate and winter tires for comfortable driving in snowy areas.he winter package also includes a heated sewage tank. Thanks to the solar panel, you won't have to worry about the batteries (in this model even 3 of them) draining due to the use of devices. The camper has a retractable gazebo, an outdoor furniture set for 2 persons, an outdoor lamp, an outdoor carpet. You can also take 2 bicycles on the trip, there are bike rack for that. It is mounted behind the camper on an additional platform that can be removed when not needed. There is a insect screen on the windows and doors to prevent from mosquitoes or other uninvited guests. Interior air conditioner and thermal window coverings also protect against heat. You will "hide" from prying eyes by closing blinds and curtains. TV is equippped with Smart TV addon. If needed, we can additionally rent bed linen.

All our campers are covered by MTPL and Casco insurance. We write invoices. You will find our campers in Klaipėda.

  • B category driver licence required
  • Automatic gearbox, cruise control
  • Maneuverable in tight spaces (city streets, forest)
  • One double bed, can be separated into two single beds
  • Rear view camera for safe parking
  • TV with SmartTV addon
  • Thermal screens for windows
  • Insect screens on all doors and windows
  • Window screens and curtains for privacy
  • Cabin air conditioner and heater
  • Hot shower, WC
  • Gas stove, sink, refrigerator
  • Dishes and cutlery for 2 people
  • 180 degree rotating front seats
  • Extendable gazebo
  • 2 high quality outdoor chairs
  • Outdoor table with adjustable height and tilt
  • Outdoor carpet
  • Removable bike rack for 2 bicycles
  • Cabin heated by diesel
  • Winter tires
  • Solar panel

90 € / day